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Types of Fans/Blowers Serviced

  • Centrifugal
  • Squirrel Cage
  • Overhang
  • Axial
  • Single and Multi-Stage Blowers

Tests and services provided when reconditioning, repairing or rebuilding the industrial fans and blowers:

  • Shaft and Blade Repair – our team is able to repair the existing shaft or manufacture a new one both in our shop or most repairs can be done on site.
  • Fan and Blade Balancing – balancing the shaft and blades will reduce vibration
  • Housing Inspection and Repair – our team can inspect causes of vibration which can lead to inefficient performance and wearing of the equipment and repair the equipment to its specifications.
  • Die-Penetrant Test – test which uses a die sprayed on the fan blades to detect cracks which can cause unwanted vibration and unsafe operation of the equipment. If any cracks are found, we will recommend them either be repaired or replaced based on the severity of the crack.